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New release: manual service renew restriction

This week in HostBill we’re introducing a new feature to restrict manual service renew by clients.

In HostBill there are two functions for clients enabling them to manually renew services and domains, which results in prolonging their billing cycle and generating the renewal invoice before the due date. To avoid misusing and abusing these functions there is now a new setting (available in General Settings -> Other -> Client Permissions), which allows to Restrict manual renew for extended period. Thanks to the new setting, you can either allow the client to renew service or domain only if it is within the renewal period window, or choose the second option and allow to renew service/domain whenever the client wants. The second one is the default option.

In other HostBill news, this week’s updates concern the Plesk module (new option to synchronize all apps within the Plesk service plan sync module) and NASK domain registrar (possibility to select App Connection on the NASK page). There is also some news for API and DCIManager6 – read the Changelog for all the details!

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