PHP support update

Read the blog post to learn more about HostBill PHP support!

We would like to inform you that as of 1st August 2022 HostBill will no longer support PHP 5.6. If you’re still using the 5.6 version please make sure to update your server as soon as possible. We’ve kept the support for PHP 5.6 for such a long time due to continuous requests from our Clients, however we need to move forward to ensure smooth future development.

The minimum required version to install HostBill will be 7.2, but we advise to use PHP 7.3 or 7.4. If you experience any problems with HostBill after PHP version change, please refer to our guide.

As you may be aware, PHP versions 7.0-7.3 are currently on “End of life” status, which means there will be no patches and security fixes available. PHP 7.4 is on “Security fixes only”. As of now we are working on adding support for PHP 8.0, which we are aware is highly anticipated and on our side will be ready soon. Nevertheless, at HostBill we’re using the ionCube PHP Encoder, which protects PHP scripts from observation, theft and change and helps to run HostBill smoothly. Currently ionCube doesn’t support PHP 8.0 and they have not yet confirmed the release date for that support. We’re monitoring ionCube announcements and their development plans and we are ready to act on that as soon as we can.

We’re dedicated to keep on improving HostBill and catering to our Customers needs and we will keep you updated on the process!

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