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HostBill 3.9 Preview: New Client area variation: “NextGen Clean”

Our NextGen theme released few months ago changed industry outlook on client section of service provider websites. It’s time to make it even better!
With HostBill 3.9 we’re introducing new variation of this popular theme, called “Nextgen Clean” – we’ve made it nicer to eye with pixel-perfect attention to details, take a look on some screenshots or watch short style walk-trough:

A few screenshots:

HostBill 3.4.0 released – introducing new clientarea theme

We’re happy to announce release of a brand new HostBill 3.4.0.
This time we’ve spent countless hours in client section of HostBill, and new client theme – “NextGen” – is result of this work.

Take a tour of new client area at

If you’re used to old client area theme (“default”) – don’t worry, it’s also included in this release 😉

Full changelog:


Order/ free trial: