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HostBill 3.9.6 Release

Another week, another exciting update from HostBill team! HostBill 3.9.6 is now available to download. What’s new?

New Orderpage:
Our orderpage collection is getting bigger – a new customizable orderpage with plan comparison table is now available.

Automatic Attachment uploads
Your clients will love this new feature – it’s time to leave 20th century file uploads and waiting for them to load after submit. Drag’n’drop attachments to a ticket and compose messages as they’re being uploaded!
Learn more at

Client-Configurable bandwidth billing
Using HostBill to sell colocation? If not – you should! Your clients will be able to configure their bandwidth requirements during order – measurement method & limit – HostBill will do the maths!
Learn more at

Full changelog available at:

HostBill 3.9.6 Preview: Client-Configurable Bandwidth Billing

You may already know that HostBill works great with Colocation/Dedicated servers offering, allowing to measure and bill for bandwidth usage – more details can be found here:

With 3.9.6 we’re introducing new possibility – your clients will be able to choose their bandwidth billing method, and limits directly from cart! One mouse click in product configuration, and you can set smart product configuration.

Using this method overage rate is calculated automatically, based on pricing client selected during order.
It also allows client to upgrade to higher bandwidth limit anytime during billing cycle!

HostBill 3.8.0 Release

HostBill 3.8.0 has just been released, make sure to check what’s new:

OnApp & OnApp CDN: Pre-Paid Metered billing
Let your customers pay upfront for resources. Invoices can be generated after account credit will reach your threshold.

New module: Observium
Now you can add bandwidth billing through Observium, an alternative to previously released Cacti integration. Allow clients to browse graphs, estimate & bill for overages. Learn more at

New, Easy Development Kit
Building module for HostBill has never been easier – no object oriented programming skills required – simple function calls, well documented at allows you to create fully functional module with a few lines of code.

2 new orderpages
– Gauge sliders – innovative orderpage, ideal for cloud & VPS hosters.
– Dedicated servers – full screen. Perfect for dedicated servers & colocation products.

Full changelog: