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Next version preview pt.1 – Ticket replies drafts

We’re not slowing down 😉 Next version will be delivered sooner than you expect – within 2-3 weeks, and of-course we got some amazing features coming up. Next HostBill version would be all about admin/support-collaboration. On a side of improved administrator privileges we will also introduce Ticket replies drafts feature – your reply will now automatically be stored for later use – so you can start typing reply to ticket, get more information and get back to replying later. Plus other support staff will also know that you’re replying, so no more double-replying of your fast support team;) Screenshot will say it all for you:


Next version preview pt.3 – PayPal balance addon

Its around one week until next HostBill will be released, and because of this we’ve decided to show you something special – new free HostBill addon which will be included with next version – PayPal Balance Addon. This simple addon gives you at a glance information about your current PayPal balance. But the best part about it is its simplycity – no need to edit any file!

See how you will be able to start using this (and many other addons):

1. You will visit addon management section, and hit “Activate” next to this addon

2. Fill in your API data, and hit Save Changes

3. Thats it! your Homescreen will look simmilar to this attached below:


Easy configuration…


…and our addon is working!

Next version preview pt.2 – Customizable client fields

With release of new version we will introduce new feature to HostBill – customizable client fields. During signup client will pick his profile type – Private profile or Company profile – as an administrator you’ll be able to configure which fields need to be displayed for each type of customer, you also will be able to set those fields required or not, to be displayed on client invoice or not. You will be able to define your own custom fields – lets say you operate in European Union and wants your commercial customers to provide their VAT number during signup – nothing simplier with HostBill! Take a look at screenshots and see by yourself.


Admin section – define fields


Client section – sign-up

Next version preview – new livechat features

We’re working hard here on new version, and thanks to your requests HostBill’s built-in livechat would have ability to add it to your existing website, outside HostBill! All you need to do is copy code, add it to your website head tags and your clients can enjoy live support!


Live Chat status bar – click to chat.


Live chat on your website with HostBill

Video no1 – fetch os templates from

Thanks to amazing piece of software – Jing – we’re going to post videos on our blog from various HostBill section. First one containing features described in post below – fetching OS templates from server, and daily/weekly billing options- enjoy.

More info on new version, OS Template picker

HostBill 1.2.6 coming up – release is scheduled on tommorow, so exactly after two weeks from previous release. I think we will win our own time-challange, because we’ve done A LOT during this two weeks of development.

I’d like to share with you another new exciting HostBill feature – OS Template choose for clients. This is dedicated for VPS hosts who wants to fully automate their business – VPS can now be automatically created with OS template that client picked during order. But the most amazing part is that you as administrator dont need to type in every offered template by hand – just click “Get values from server” and HostBill will fetch all available templates for you automatically! No more complex custom fields, and updating them everytime new OS arrives.

Add this to our other new feature – daily / weekly billing, sit back, relax and enjoy new signups – VPS Hosting rocks!


Admin area – product configuration.


Clientarea – OS available to pick during order