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HostBill 4.4.4 Release

Friday? So time for another exciting HostBill developments.

New orderpage:
Our new clientarea theme stands out with its modern design approach – we went extra mile and created new orderpage to match its unique style. Introducing Volume Slider orderpage – make sure to see its video preview!

More about HostBill orderpages:

Major IPAM improvements:
Popular IP management plugin for HostBill, IPAM, just got better – check out its new features at

For full changelog visit:

HostBill 4.4.2 Release

Friday – time for another HostBill release. With 4.4.2 we’re introducing couple of new modules, you should definitely check out:

Plugin: Ticket Related Service
While opening support ticket your customer will now be able to define which of his services his support message is related to. Admin section of ticket related service plugin will display it on top of page for staff convenience. Learn more at

Full changelog available at

HostBill 4.3.6 Release

Another week passed, and another handful of reasons why to choose HostBill as the automation platform of your hosting business. With this version we’re introducing:

Plugin: Services per client
Scenario: you’re running promo with free trial service – rather than monitoring your customers not to overuse promotion – set number of packages one customer can purchase with this handy plugin.

Learn how to use it at

{attachment} tag in email templates
Want to automatically send some files in your custom email notifiations (ssh keys, documents, SLA papers), or attach PDF invoice to email reminders? Its not only possible but very simple with HostBill.

Read more about it in our wiki at

Full changelog available at

HostBill 4.3.4 Release

As with every Friday – new HostBill is here. Whats new?

OnApp v3 support
Long awaited OnApp 3.0 has just been released, we’ve been working with OnApp team really hard to make sure best OnApp billing integration available is up to date.

Learn more about OnApp-HostBill integration at

Product Components:Forms: Extra resource billing
Much requested feature – sliders and qty fields now can be billed based on qty bracket client selects. Encourage your clients to purchase more resources with price lower for higher quantities. I.e: 0-512 RAM-> $1/MB, 512-2048 ->$0.8/MB

Check out this feature’s video preview at

Full changelog available at

HostBill 4.3.2 Release

Its Friday, time for another HostBill release. Whats new?

Initial due date setup
HostBill is becoming the modular automation platform for hosting industry, and as such its crucial it allows enough invoicing flexibility – with this version you will be able to define how much time your clients have to pay invoice generated during order – on service and customer group level.

Video guides
Starting from this release new features will be documented with short introduction video – check out Setup Fee in Upgrades for this release, and let us know in comments if you like this form of presenting new updates!

For full changelog visit:

HostBill 4.3.0 Release

As with every Friday – new HostBill release is here. Whats new?

Invoice Split
Its now possible to split invoice items into separate invoices, check out this handy new feature in quick how to screencast at

Further IPAM improvements
Our popular IP management plugin is getting better with each release – check out recent improvements here

For full changelog visit:

HostBill 4.2.8 Release

Another exciting updates from HostBill team! As always, we’re happy to announce that HostBill 4.2.8 is now available to download. So, whats new?

New orderpage: Dark Bootstrap sliders.
Our bootstrap orderpage was popular already – we’ve created new, dark variant – filled with ajax goodness – check it out at

Updated: Dedicated Servers & Colocation Plugin
Our colocation plugin was updated – once again. This time we’ve went extra mile and added port/connection manager – each item can be connected to another on network/power level + each item can now be easily found using search feature. For more detailed review visit:

Updated: IPAM – IP management plugin
Our IP manager has been rewritten from scratch, to allow IPv6 support, easy subnetting, network splitting/joining, assignment management & more. For more detailed review visit:

For full changelog visit

HostBill 4.2.6 Release

New, packed with features HostBill version is available. Whats new?

Nagios Monitoring for Dedicated Servers Plugin
You can now connect your devices in Dedicated Servers plugin with Nagios monitoring – allowing you to check services status directly from plugin. You can also allow your clients to browse monitored services from HostBill clientarea
Learn more at

Product Bundles
You can now create package containing multiple products, domains and addons as special offers – apply your custom pricing, timeframe, coupons & more.
Learn more at

Dedicated Servers Manager improvements
One of our popular plugins just reached version 4.0, redesigned with new features its becoming main tool for many colocation companies.

For full changelog visit

HostBill 4.2.4 Release

Its time for new HostBill release – version 4.2.4 is ready for download. So whats new?

Multiple modules per product
Users of Dedicated Servers & Colocation manager can benefit from ability to connect multiple Apps/modules under single product. This gives you great opportunity to connect bandwidth monitoring module (ie. Cacti) and provisioning (ie. NOC-PS) for your Dedicated Servers offering. Learn more

Custom Reports
You can now easily create custom reports in HostBill – all required is minimal SQL knowledge – our editor will help you do rest by showing hints with list of all HostBill tables and their fields! Learn more

Google Charts in Reports
HostBill provides Reports to export data ie using summary tables/PDFs ect., and statistics to represent most important data on charts. Now you can easily show your data exported in Reports section as Google Chart – all with couple mouse clicks.

For full changelog visit