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Box Integration – Resell Cloud Storage

Why use this module?

Cloud Storage – Global Market worth $57B by 2019‎

What services you can sell with this module?

– Cloud Storage
– Big File Upload Service (you can upload files up to 2GB)
– File Managment Service (Editing/Creating/Removing Files and Directories)
– Secure File Storage.


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Security Advisory – HostBill version 2013-12-14

We’ve just released security update for HostBill, as a response to potentially dangerous XSS Vulnerability.

Applying update
To apply security update please download latest and update HostBill to 2013-12-14 version.
You can also use our auto-upgrade plugin to perform this automatically.

Upgrading to new version:
Using auto upgrade plugin:

We believe that this vulnerability is not known to the public, its severity depends on adminarea protection.
KBKP Software always encourages our clients to take extra steps for protection:

Big thanks to team Rack911 ( for identifying and reporting this problem.

Information about price/modules changes in 4.6.0 release for current customers

Dear customers

We’re quite aware that our recent changes in billing model/platform may have caused unintended confusion – we’re here to straighten it up.

Pricing/renewal fees:
All changes in pricing/renewal fees are for new customers only. HostBill respects “grandfather rights”.
If by accident you did not received what you’ve paid for (renewal fee shows as different, your access to download shows as expired), please contact Licensing Department.

Paid Live Chat/Vies Plugin
You’re still free to use mentioned modules – those become paid for new customers only.
Bug fixes will be provided in future for both free and paid versions. New features will be introduced for paid versions.

Premium orderpages / clientarea themes
Update to newer version do not remove orderpages that came with your HostBill when you bought it or with updates up to recent version.
This means that you still are good to use orderpages you’ve bought with your HostBill.
Prices for orderpages listed as premium/paid are for new customers only.

Developer toolkit access
Access to dev toolkit is available for old customers only (anyone who signed up before 2013-05-24)

By new customers – we understand clients that signed up after 4.6.0 release (2013-05-24)

Update: 2013-05-28

Frequently Asked Questions:
Q: I purchased license year ago, do I still have access to all orderpages and client themes that came with my HostBill 4.5.8
A: Yes. All orderpages released prior to 4.6.0 are included in download package for customers who purchased HostBill before mentioned release

Q: Will I get new HostBill features/improvements/bug fixes?
A: Yes. All free core features, improvements and bug fixes are released weekly, as before.

Q: Do I have access my HostBill’s API?
A: Yes. Access to API and hooks, template and orderpage modifications is not limited!

Q: I signed up before 4.6.0 release, if I download new version are orderpages that I previously used going to be there?
A: Yes. You have access to what you’ve signed up for.

Q: Can I develop my own extensions or use third party modules?
A: If you’ve signed up before 2013-05-26 (TOS/License update) than YES.

HostBill 3.6.0 release

HostBill 3.6.0 is now available for download. Take a 5 min tour and learn whats new in HostBill:

Bandwidth & Overage Billing
You can now measure bandwidth utilization for your Colocation/Dedicated customers, display graphs from Cacti, bill for overages using Total Transfer or 95th Percentile method.
Learn more at:

Remote Reboots trough PDU
Allow your clients to reboot their Dedicated servers trough directly from your client area! Staff members can assign PDU ports with SNMP support, turn them off/on directly from HostBill interface.
Learn more at:

Switch/Port control over SNMP/Telnet
When invoice for client’s dedicated server/colocation is due HostBill can automatically disable client’s port in switch using SNMP or Telnet. Staff member can assign switch interfaces, monitor link status trough HostBill interface
Learn more at:

Reverse DNS management
IPAM module now allows for automated rDNS management – your client can edit rDNS records on your PowerDNS server directly from client area – no more support tickets or manual zone updates!
Learn more at:

New Adminarea Order manager
Placing order from adminarea is now more powerful. Admin can create order for multiple products/services at once, configure forms, enable discounts, save drafts for later use & more.

New OrderPage: 3 plans comparison
Easy to configure comparison of 3 hosting packages with features listing:

Full changelog:

HostBill Security Patch for 2.X: Critical Security Issue

Dear Client!
HostBill 2.x security patch.
Last night one of our client notified us about potential security threat affecting HostBill versions 2.x, which may allow to access admin area with previously stolen session cookie.

Please download this patch as soon as possible:
To apply patch please extract archive contents in your HostBill directory, or upload its contents directly to your install (there is only one file that requires overwriting).

We’re not aware of any installation compromised other than reported last night.
If you have questions or any concerns please feel free to contact us. We do apologize for any inconvenience.

Note: 2.8 version download package contains this patch by default from now on, 2.9 version that is scheduled to release next week will also contain it.

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