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Colocation & IPAM plugin updates

With recent releases we’re working more than hard on improvements to our two commercial plugins:
IP manager – IPAM
Dedicated Servers & Colocation Manager

Let us walk trough some of amazing new features, step by step of how it can be used in your company, and learn how those two modules works great together!

1. Check walktrough below to see whats new in Dedicated servers manager (click on image for higher resolution)

2. IPAM module have been rewritten from scratch, check whats new next to IPv6 support: (click on image for higher resolution)

This is just a start of our plugins improvements – for full changes track our weekly changelog:

HostBill 4.2.6 Release

New, packed with features HostBill version is available. Whats new?

Nagios Monitoring for Dedicated Servers Plugin
You can now connect your devices in Dedicated Servers plugin with Nagios monitoring – allowing you to check services status directly from plugin. You can also allow your clients to browse monitored services from HostBill clientarea
Learn more at

Product Bundles
You can now create package containing multiple products, domains and addons as special offers – apply your custom pricing, timeframe, coupons & more.
Learn more at

Dedicated Servers Manager improvements
One of our popular plugins just reached version 4.0, redesigned with new features its becoming main tool for many colocation companies.

For full changelog visit

HostBill 4.2.4 Release

Its time for new HostBill release – version 4.2.4 is ready for download. So whats new?

Multiple modules per product
Users of Dedicated Servers & Colocation manager can benefit from ability to connect multiple Apps/modules under single product. This gives you great opportunity to connect bandwidth monitoring module (ie. Cacti) and provisioning (ie. NOC-PS) for your Dedicated Servers offering. Learn more

Custom Reports
You can now easily create custom reports in HostBill – all required is minimal SQL knowledge – our editor will help you do rest by showing hints with list of all HostBill tables and their fields! Learn more

Google Charts in Reports
HostBill provides Reports to export data ie using summary tables/PDFs ect., and statistics to represent most important data on charts. Now you can easily show your data exported in Reports section as Google Chart – all with couple mouse clicks.

For full changelog visit

HostBill 4.2.2 Release

Another exciting week of development passed – we’re happy to introduce new version of HostBill. Whats new?

Priority Support Plugin
Working in service provider market your company surely have customers falling under different SLA than others, to whom you’re obliged to respond faster.
HostBill features becomes handy here – you can now define priority support packages, which will automatically make your priority tickets stand out, and alerts you once such ticket is submitted or required reply.
For more details about configuring priority support in your HostBill visit

For full changelog visit:

HostBill 4.2.0 Release

Happy New Year from HostBill team! What better way to celebrate, than with new HostBill features – learn whats new in HostBill 4.2.0:

Client Groups
You can now group your customers into client groups. This feature in HostBill allows discount per group, default ticket priority in group, order scenario and even override automation settings, like suspend or terminate for all clients under certain client group.

VPS Hardware OrderPage
Another amazing orderpage from HostBill team – this time we’ve gone 3D! Check out isometric view of motherboard filling with hardware (ram, cpus and storage) as your clients orders higher packages. Designed to boost your sales!

For full changelog visit:

HostBill 4.1.8 Release

HostBill 4.1.8 is out – just in time for Christmas 😉 Whats new?

Ticket Notes Preview
This simple plugin is built to save time – just hover your mouse over notes icon in tickets listing to see recent comments.

Developers: Clientarea dynamic pages
We’re listening to our customers requests – one of most commonly requested developer documentation was how to create custom pages in HostBill, that allow php code – as usual – its very simple ! Learn more at

Full changelog available at

From entire HostBill team we would like to wish you Happy Holidays and Amazing New, 2013 Year!

HostBill 4.1.6 Release

Another exciting week of development passed – we’re happy to announce that HostBill 4.1.4 has been released. Whats new?

New orderpage: Cloud Slider One-Step
Make your brand stand out in this highly competitive cloud / vps market with amazing order page – learn more

Plugin: OrderPages A/B Testing
HostBill offers vast selection of amazing, high quality orderpages – when it sometimes may be hard to decide which one to use, its best to use one that works well with your offering/site/business model. So lets your clients decide which one to use! With this simple yet very effective plugin you can utilize Google Analytics Experiments to perform A/B testing.
Learn more at:

Full changelog available at

HostBill 4.1.4 Release

As scheduled – week passed and new HostBill version is ready: 4.1.4 with multiple improvements and bug fixes is available for download.
Whats new:

Client signup captcha
Spambots now seem to attack even billing systems – there is no better way to prevent it than implementing captcha. By default new client signups require captcha confirmation (you can disable captcha field in Clients->Registration fields)

Client profile files
You can now upload files directly in client profile, so it can be accessible only by this client, or staff members visiting client profile.

Fixed invoice data
When using EU invoicing, you can prevent client details edits appearing on invoices by simply enabling one option in admin config. Learn more payment gateway
BitCoin digital currency gains popularity, start accepting payments in BitCoins now with BitPay payment gateway for HostBill. Learn more.

Full changelog available at

HostBill 4.1.2 Release

New HostBill version is ready and available to download. Check out whats new in 4.1.0:

Cloudstack improvements:

  • Option to reset root password (if os template supports it) and account password
  • it is now posble to use storage tags and chose between local and shared storage
  • option to offer High Availability (HA) for new VM
  • moved network options for cloud type provisioning from single vps view to vm list

Proxmox improvements

  • Added OpenVZ support
  • Added IPAM support – its now possible to automatically assign IP to created VMs

Log rotation plugin
HostBill keep logs in multiple tables, to improve performance new plugin can backup and truncate log tables automatically once they reach high rows count.

Full changelog available at

HostBill 4.1.0 Release

New HostBill version is ready and available to download. Check out whats new in 4.1.0:

Cloud OrderPage
This is 1 of 2 new order pages with HostBill 4.1.0 – ideal for cloud/vps packages, with amazing graphics and functionality!

Check out video preview at

Package sliders, One-step orderpage
If you’re selling virtual datacenters or any configurable packages with popular premade sets – this is perfect orderpage for you. payment gateway
By popular demand we’re introducing powerful integration.
Learn more at

Ticket Views
Another great feature of HostBill ticketing system
ticket views enable staff members to create custom ticket listings with personalized columns and data set.
Learn more at

Full changelog available at