New release: maintenance and updates

As every week we continue delivering new releases with updates in the admin panel and some of the modules! Check what’s new this time!

Admin area updates

In HostBill whenever you are searching for specific information in any listing you can use various search filters enabling to quickly find what’s needed. Filters for Accounts/Domains/Orders listings include client name, status, date, payment method, payment date, staff ownership, type, label, billing cycle and many more. Now it’s also possible to filter by customer country.

Another improvement in HostBill Estimates features an additional confirmation prompt before converting an estimate to an invoice for security reasons and to prevent from unintentional actions.

In services, we now added the ability to set next due date during service import. And when it comes to service expiry date, it will now remain the same as creation date for new but unpaid services.

As in the latest updates, this week we also added a couple of new API calls: getClientAutomationSettings and setClientAutomationSettings to get per-client automation settings overrides

Proxmox provisioning module has two new features: option to attach multiple ISO images at once and the ability to enable the firewall option on specific networks. In Plesk module it’s now possible to send a Packet Extension Call according to component values. UpCloud integration allows to setup custom plans in plan selector form.

For all release notes please reach to our Changelog!

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