New domain registrar module: bNamed

Yet another domain module is now integrated with HostBill – bNamed is now on our integration list along with 75 other domain registrars!

bNamed domain registrar

Another domain registrar is now integrated with HostBill: bNamed! It’s a registrar from Belgium that offers a one-stop-shop for all domain name needs, with a complete list of all possible extensions, including exotic extensions with special formalities. Now you can effortlessly sell bNamed domains with automated domain registration, transfer and renewal provided by HostBill! To make things even easier, thanks to automated import, all existing domains can be quickly imported from the registry into HostBill. On the end-client side, when it comes to this particular module, HostBill client portal enables customers to manage the contact details related to the domains they have registered with you and to update/change the name servers the domain is pointing to. As most of the 75 domain modules already integrated with HostBill also this one is free and available for all users.

And if you need some more info on how HostBill automates the domains and how to manage them, it’s best to refer to this blog post.


In other news, in today’s release we added two new API calls: getPromoDetailsByCode call to return coupon details by its code and simulateOrderInvoice API call to simulate order’s invoice (without actual sending/creating invoice). The Affiliate System now has an option to specify whether affiliate can request withdrawal by ticket or email. When it comes to services, the prices for components are now displayed in service details. All release notes, as always, are available in the Changelog!

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