HostBill new release

Recent improvements and updates

As we’re constantly working on improving HostBill functionalities and performance, here are some of the newly added features.

New option in Security and Display Settings allows to control admin session auto-logout time, in addition to controlling when inactive clients should be automatically log out for security reasons. The auto-logout time can be set in minutes.

General settings -> Other -> Security & Display

A small improvement was introduced to Ticketing System, which now allows to filter tickets by date. Tickets can also be filtered by type, submitter name or email, ticket ID, tags, department, message content or assignment.

It’s also worth to mention the update from last week.  When creating a new order through the HostBill admin area you need to fill in a draft form, that later can be converted into an invoice. The order draft can now be converted into a free order, where all the items will have a free billing cycle and the invoice is not generated.

New order draft

Two payment gateways were updated: Payssion, where we added missing payment methods and Razorpay, completed with all international currencies. Both payment gateways are included in all HostBill packages!

As for the other modules, Jelastic has now the ability to set your own prefix for the virtual order ID. new option for IPAM enables to show also already assigned networks in account management page. And Cloudstack Flavor allows to toggle different rate for First IP even if it is set to zero.

All the news, as always, can be found in our Changelog.

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