HostBill New Release

New: API & Hooks docs pages, Recalculate button & more!

Today we’re introducing new documentation pages for HostBill API and Hooks to give you clear direction as to how to use each feature for their specific purposes. There are also some new functionalities in the admin panel!

New API docs & Hooks docs pages

We’re happy to present new, refreshed and improved documentation for API and Hooks. We hope that the new comprehensive, well-structured docs will be largely beneficial for you, help you to optimize your productivity and enable you to get maximum use and value out of HostBill API and Hooks. If you have any suggestions – we’d be happy to hear your feedback!

You can browse API docs here and Hooks docs here.

Admin panel updates

New functionality in the admin area allows recalculating account prices on changing billing cycles. When changing the billing cycle in account details, a pop-up window will appear allowing you to recalculate the recurring price, taking into account active client discounts, selected forms etc.

There is also a new “Recalculate” button next to the account recurring price. If the recurring price is different from the current service/product pricing, the button will be red (if the account recurring price complies with the current pricing the button will be gray). Once you click on the red button you will be shown the information about the price difference and you will be able either to recalculate the account and update the price or cancel and leave the previous account pricing. 

Recalculating account price

New Support Settings allows set the bahaviour of contacts when importing tickets from mail. There are two options available, you can either notify all contacts with Receive email notifications permission and from to and cc fields of incoming mails or notify only contacts addressed in to and cc fields of incoming mails.

All release notes are available in the Changelog!

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