Affiliate System update

Two new functionalities are now added to HostBill versatile Affiliate System: private affiliate campaigns and the ability to select how the commission plans should be assigned – automatically or manually. Read on!

HostBill has a comprehensive built-in affiliate system, which is a perfect tool to use to gain more traffic and boost your sales. HostBill Affiliate System has a lot of complex features and provides multitude of possibilities to customize it to fit various business needs. And some of them have just been elevated!

Private affiliate campaigns

In HostBill Affiliate System you can create multiple affiliate campaigns with a custom URLs redirecting referrals to the campaign landing page. After visiting such custom link the person who clicked it will be redirected to pre-defined landing page. Clicking the link will be counted as “affiliate hit” and will be assigned to given affiliate.

Now you have the opportunity to create campaigns dedicated and visible only to selected affiliates. Affiliates without access to given campaign will not be able to see the campaign in their affiliate centre.

Campaigns can be created in Affiliates -> Settings -> Campaigns

Affiliate settings: Campaigns

Selecting commission plans

Each service you sell comes with different margin – so don’t loose money on fixed commissions. With HostBill you can create unlimited commission plans, with various commission rates, set depending on service billing cycle and/or price. You can choose which plans offers recurring commissions, so your affiliates can get paid each time referred customer pays for the service.

Once you create multiple commission plans, you can now choose whether the commission plans should be assigned automatically (then HostBill decides best matching plan for affiliate referral) or manually (the affiliate picks their commission plan).

If you choose manual selection the affiliate will be able to select their commission plan in the client area in section Affiliates -> Commission Plans. If the affiliate will not select the commission plan, the default commission plan will be applied. Changing the plan will be logged in the Client log. Staff will be able to see the selected commission plan in Affiliate profile and will be able to change it. 

If the affiliate has a commission plan chosen, when calculating the commission HostBill will calculate the commission value based on the plan. If the plan does not match the product/service, the commission will not be applied.

Affiliate settings

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