HostBill in 2022 – yearly summary

As we have just celebrated 13 years in business we now take a look back at the previous year to check our accomplishments and what we worked on during the year. A lot of new HostBill functionalities, integrations, bug fixes and changes – delve into our summary of 2022! The numbers might surprise you!

2022 in numbers

In 2022 we managed to deliver even more releases than the previous year – 62 in total, which means our Customers received new HostBill version more often than once a week! Our Developers Team has been kept extremely busy fixing 1112 bugs this year and working on 441 new features introduced in 2022. We also made 54 changes and launched 23 modules!

New integrations

Among the 23 new modules we released 6 provisioning integrations, including 3 SSL modules (Certum SSL, SSL2BUY, Globe SSL), Pax8 License Provisioning module, VirtFusion VPS Hosting and KeyHelp Shared Hosting integrations.

We also launched 7 plugins: new two factor authentication module: Email 2FA, SMS notification module, captcha alternative: Cloudflare Turnstile CAPTCHA app, Estonian XML E-invoice plugin, Matomo eCommerce tracking module, Freshsales CRM integration and IPMI Local module – an addition to Colocation Manager.

6 new payment gateways join our list, which now makes total of 118 payment gateways both global and local integrated with HostBill! New additions include PostFinance Checkout, Revolut Checkout, Stripe Intents ACH, QuickPay with Tokenization, Rapyd and Paddle.

A number of domain registrar modules also increased, as we added 3 new domain integrations:, Dynadot and Additionally, we released a Domain Reseller module, which enables to generate HostBill and WHMCS modules to resell your domains!

New features

As there’s over 400 new functionalities added to HostBill this year, we would like to mention just a handful of them. One of the biggest changes in Client Management is multi account support, with Clients, Client Contacts and Guest profiles. A Guest feature allows to add to your Contacts a person whose email address is already registered either as a Client or a Contact of another client!.

This year we introduced a new discount type: flavor coupon. When it comes to the promo codes, we also added the ability to generate promo codes in batches and to set the discount per product component.

In Products we added Forms support for Sub-products and low stock alerts for products with stock control enabled. Cancellation requests for products & services can be submitted in bulk and we also added a package change prompt. The field logic in Form has been improved.

As we released a couple of new security modules, we also updated the module and launched a new interface for multi-factor authentication with a number of new functionalities such as enforcing 2fa for staff and clients and more.

In domain management there is a new domain renewal window feature (a number of days before expiration that marks the start date of the domain renewal window for orders submitted manually). Domain suggestions are now available in “Domain R16” and “Domain 2019” order pages and there are now two new registrars that can be used as availability engine: and There is also a new client function which allows to update the EPP code.

We constantly improve and develop new billing functionalities, and just to name a few of them there are new options to queue Pro-rata charges, set initial invoice number, decide how to invoice late fee and more. New PDF document – account statement – lists all transactions and invoices linked to the account. There is also a new possibility to turn on client debt notification upon new order.

HostBill now supports multiple credit card and payment method storage and provides the ability to set default payment gateway per client or client group for existing services.

There’s a number of new client functions (including related emails and related invoices, you can now also enable auto-charge by the client) and new admin permissions (for example view and edit products & addons settings). Staff can now single sign on to Apps: Plesk, cPanel and DirectAdmin.

It’s also worth to mention new billable support fields, app connection availability, new file access log, smart search update, multiple mail senders and OAuth 2.0 support.

Let’s also not forget about the PHP 8.1 Support (though it is still in a BETA phase) and a number of updates to existing modules. For all the details we encourage you to read our blog and follow updates in the Changelog!

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