New release

This week in HostBill release we’ve prepared a few changes in service automation, new feature in CSV Export plugin and a couple of updates to our modules!

CSV Export

CSV Data Exporter plugin allows to export to CSV file your HostBill client data, invoices, transactions, accounts and more and to easily control, sort and arrange it in a specified order. Now, there’s a new export column which allows to add Client Status to the exported file.

CSV Export – export clients

Automation updates

A few changes into automation are now in place. Account expiration notifications are now based on service expiration date instead of next due date and will only be sent for services with automatic renewal invoice generation disabled. Account termination for services with disabled renewal invoice generation is now based on service expiration date instead of next due date. A credit note is now issued for prepaid accounts on the “Process at” date for requesting cancellation of that account, if such a date has been set.


When it comes to the modules, a few new features were added. Razor Pay gateway now supports quick and easy refunds. DirectAdmin has a new option to set ZeroSSL in SSL certificates. In Plesk we added traffic in GB metric for easier billing.

All release notes can be found in the Changelog!

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