October Deal of the Month

It’s the last of this year’s Deals of the Month and it allows to get 15% discount on Dedicated Servers provisioning modules!

15% off on Dedicated Servers modules

All year round we’ve been serving you discounts on modules from HostBill extensive integrations list. Now it’s time to reveal October Deal of the Month – the last this year. For the next two weeks you can buy HostBill Dedicated Servers modules with 15% discount when using the code DEDICATED2022.

What’s on sale?

The modules on sale allow to resell and automate Dedicated Servers. With HostBill flexible billing options you can bill for bandwidth or IP usage. Feature-rich client panel provides multitude of client options, so you can let clients manage server power, reinstall servers, reset passwords, access server info and more. The modules on sale include OVH Dedicated Servers, DCI Manager, OnlineNet, Schleifenbauer (Power Billing) and Hetzner Robot.

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