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Colocation Manager: IPMI Local module

We’re presenting a new add-on shipped with Colocation Manager: IPMI Local! Check the details in the blog post!

IPMI Local module

Colocation Manager for HostBill is an extremely rich-featured tool that enables to store and manage Servers, Switches, PDUs, KVMs, Blade Systems, Zero-U devices and more. It is one of most powerful HostBill modules which makes integral part of HostBill Data Center edition.

Now, a new add-on is shipped with Colocation Manager: IPMI Local. It allows to control the power of IPMI-enabled devices using ipmitool command installed on the same server as HostBill, provided that the ipmitool is already installed and configured/working. Thanks to the addon Colocation Manager now has the IPMI support for identify, power on/off/reset functions for admin area. Clients on the other hand can perform IPMI on/off/reset calls from client portal, if the related IPMI Reboots client function is enabled.

The plugin requires a few configuration steps to connect HostBill with IPMITool and to connect devices to IPMI – it’s all thoroughly described in module documentation.

Colocation Manager, IPMI Status

Another improvement in Colocation Manager includes field categories which are now separated in item overview.

Domain management

This week’s release also comes with a couple of changes in regards to domain management. In Lookup Engine section (which allows to manage domain settings: edit TLDs lookup settings, choose the engine and test the settings for each TLD) there are now two new registrars, that can be used as availability engine: and There is also a small visual improvement, as in 2019 Domain Cart Orderpade, suggested domains will now highlight on results listing.

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