Presenting: FreshSales CRM auto-export plugin!

If you’re using the FreshSales CRM now you can automatically export your client data from HostBill! This week we also introduce new functionalities to Customer Rewards plugin, new Download Postman collection function and more!

FreshSales CRM auto-export module

FreshSales is a cloud-based salesforce automation software designed to help businesses manage leads, customer engagement, client relationships and more. The HostBill module enables to automatically or manually export client and client contact information to FreshSales CRM: either for all clients in bulk or for selected records only! Client data can be exported either automatically when the new account is created or alternatively you can do the manual export. You can also set which fields from client details should be sent to FreshSales or enter a custom value. Additionally you can also export client notes and auto-update client balance in FreshSales using balance from HostBill.

In this month’s Deal of the Month all Import/Export plugins are 15% off with the code IMPORT2022 and so is the new FreshSales integration!

Download Postman collection function

The API Access section in HostBill Security Settings allows to manage access over API, generate new API keys, change their allowed methods and remove them and more. New functionality ‘Download Postman collection’ enables to download a json file with all available in given installation API calls to enable to import it to Postman software (more on Postman data import/export can be foundĀ here). The Postman software allows to test API calls, generate a code in different programming languages or generate your own documentation.

HostBill Security Settings

Customer Rewards plugin update

The Customer Rewards module enables to reward customers by adding to their account a certain amount of points for certain events, which can later be exchanged to a reward: credit – specified credit amount added to the customer account, promotion to a client group – changing the customer group to the selected one or a coupon code. New variable ({$event.all_points}) allows to show all reward points added to customer so far.

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