New Matomo E-commerce Tracking plugin!

`This week we’re introducing a new e-commerce tracking plugin, big update to Script Provisioning module and a couple of other new functionalities!

Matomo E-commerce Tracking plugin

Matomo is a powerful, free and open source web analytics platform that gives you 100% data ownership. Matomo is a popular alternative to Google Analytics. HostBill integration enables e-commerce tracking and analytics in your billing system. Thanks to the Matomo plugin you can get comprehensive insights into your customers’ purchasing behaviour and use the knowledge to optimize your marketing channels that have the biggest ROI for your business. Both modules: Matomo and Google Analytics are free and available for all HostBill users!

Script Provisioning update

Script provisioning is a simple, yet revolutionary provisioning module – it allows you to execute your custom scripts in any scripting/programming language when certain actions related to product using this module occur. I.e.: Run certain script with certain arguments when related account is created. This way you can integrate any system that does not offer a remote API. A new powerful option allows to create custom client UI from which customer can trigger custom actions using your scripts.

The new Client UI function can be enabled in Client Functions section:

Script Provisioning: Client functions

Once enabled, in the function’s setting you can define actions customer is allowed to trigger and a HTML template rendered in client portal. In this code you can use variables.

Client UI settings

In Connect with App section, under Custom client-triggered actions you can define which script to execute when client will trigger custom action from Client Functions::Client UI

Script Provising: Connect with App section

Once a customer clicks on link with {$actlink}youraction URL, and youraction is within Allowed actions, the module will call script defined in Custom client-triggered actions tab.

More info on the new function and module configuration can be found in documentation.

Other news

In other news, we added support for importing accounts for OwnCloud and NextCloud modules. SagePay SCA module now allows to pay with a saved credit card directly on the invoice page. Staff-submitted cancellation requests will now behave as if submitted by client – ie will issue credit note for service if configured as such. All the news, as always, are available in Changelog!

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