New release

With the first HostBill release is 2022 we’re introducing a couple of new functionalities and improvements!


HostBill Forms are a smart way for flexible product configuration, as they enable your clients to configure their products during order by supplying additional information, using wide range of field types. Last year we added four new form fields, but we also keep on improving the existing ones. Hence today we added additional min file size specification and additional security measures for file upload component. What is more,  information about the use of a hidden item from form component is now visible in account details/admin order page.

Upload file form field

Gateway Fees

The Getaway Fees plugin will help your business to become more cost-effective as it enables you to set and automatically apply additional charges for using certain payment gateway. New option in module configuration will enable to to show fee % on invoice item description.

Other updates

In today’s release we’re also publishing a number of updates to our modules. For Ahsay Backup integration (which allows to charge for backup space on your Ahsay-powered Backup solution) we added the support for importing accounts from Ahsay into HostBill. In Proxmox Cloud Hosting module, you now have the option to hide bandwidth limit from client area billing. In Onestep 2019 Orderpage for Theme we added UX improvements to the domains form, and in 2019 Theme there is now a support for pre-upload validation of file upload component. All the details, as always, are published in our Changelog!

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