Accept payments in cryptocurrencies using gateway!

This week new in HostBill: payment module, Script Provisioning addon, form groups and item groups update and more!

New integration

New payment gateway is joining our portfolio! provides a powerful alternative to traditional financial services through the Pay Checkout. With integration for HostBill you can effortlessly start accepting Bitcoin, Ethereum and other popular cryptocurrencies on your website! The payment operations are processed offsite, which requires redirecting customer to gateway frontend to finish payment. The gateway is free and available to all HostBill users! And it’s not the only module that supports crypto currencies payments – you can check the list here!

Script Provisioning plugin

This week we’re also introducing Script provisioning addon, to call scripts on product addon actions. The addon is available in Settings → Products & Services → Product Addons → Script Provisioning Addon (and duplicated for each new addon needed). When configuring the plugin you can choose which events should execute a script (ie. terminate/create etc.), then from the dropdown list select which script to execute (you should create scripts first) and provide arguments that script should be executed with. More on this addon can be found in the documentation.

Forms groups and item groups update

Form Groups feature allows you to connect multiple forms across different products together for the ease of editing.  Updating one field connected into group will result in updating all other fields in this group. 

Form Item Groups feature lets you connect items within selection forms (ie dropdown boxes) across different products for the ease of editing. Updating one form item connected into group will result in updating all other items in this group.

New option when removing form/item enables to choose the impact of the deletion, so you can decide whether to delete only this field or delete it with all related fields:

For more notes from today’s release please visit our Changelog!

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