July Deal of the Month

It’s time to disclose our next Deal of the Month! In July you get the opportunity to buy HostBill Support Modules with 15% discount!

15% off on Support modules

This month’s special offer from HostBill enables you to purchase all of our Support Modules 15% off! To get the discount use code SUPPORT2021 during checkout. Don’t miss out on this opportunity – the code is valid only for two weeks, until 29th July 2021!

What’s on sale?

At HostBill we provide multiple support tool to help you serve your clients in a variety of ways that are convenient and effective. To extend core HostBill support functionalities we offer a range of support plugins. Support PIN plugin simplifies the process of providing phone support, enabling easy client verification during phone support. Priority Support module allows you to sell priority support as recurring service in automated fashion. Support Fields plugin is an addition to HostBill Ticketing System that enables to organize and manage tickets more efficiently and to reduce spam messages. Using Support Fields you can create forms consisting of an unlimited number of fields that your customer needs to go through before submitting the ticket. With HostBill Live Chat you can engage website visitors to communicate with you in real-time, so you can assist them with purchases. Support Time and Performance Tracker module lets you measure and analyze your support staff performance as well as find and fix any bottlenecks in your daily support operations. The End of Shift addon is aimed at helping you to monitor your staff performance and organize their work. All of this will help you to have the whole support process streamlined to save time and deliver consistent and an high-quality service!

Shop at -> https://hostbillapp.com/features/apps/tag/support/

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