Hetzner Robot module

A lot of news this week in our release! New module allowing to sell dedicated servers: Hetzner Robot, improvements to Hetzner Cloud integration, new invoice merging options, update to affiliate commission plans and much more!

Hetzner Robot module

Hetzner Online is a professional web hosting provider and experienced data center operator. It provides high-performance hosting products as well as the necessary infrastructure for the efficient operation of websites. Hetzner Robot is a module that allows to sell Hetzner Dedicated Servers, with advanced automated billing and invoicing.

With multiple client functions available, resellers can allow clients to reboot and reinstall servers, enable rescue mode, manage reverse DNS, manage firewall, display server information and detailed traffic usage – all within HostBill multi-functional and easy to navigate client panel.  The module allows admins to easily connect HostBill accounts with existing Hetzner servers. Administrators control and manage client billing details, account lifecycle and client area functionalities from HostBill admin panel. 

Hetzner Online improvements

Hetzner Cloud module for HostBill allows to sell VPS hosting and resell Hetzner Cloud virtual machines. New updates to the module bring in new functionalities for client area. Client can now view usage graphs (CPU, disk, network), enable and disable rescue mode, reinstall virtual machines, change OS and update reverse DNSAttach/detach ISO. All client area functions availability depends on the admin and can be turned on/off in product configuration.

New invoice merging options

In HostBill we provide multiple options for merging invoices. You can choose to generate separate invoice for each service or automatically merge invoices generated on the same day either regardless of due date or only with the same due date. If you decide to merge invoices, you can further configure the settings and choose not to merge invoices for taxed items with invoices for non-taxed items, not to merge services with different contracts. There also is an option to issue invoice for domain renewal sooner, if customer have invoice for other services issued in renewal month. We have now introduced two new invoice merging options:

  • Issue invoice for any service renewal sooner, if customer has invoice for other services issued in renewal month
  • Issue invoice for any service renewal sooner, if customer has invoice for other services issued in renewal year

These options can be set in General Settings -> Billing and in clients or client groups overrides.

Affiliates: Ability to change commission type over time

In HostBill Affiliate System you create unlimited and flexible commission plans, with various commission rates. The commission rates can be set depending on the product price or service billing cycle, and can be either a fixed price or a percentage. You can also set plans with recurring commissions, so you can affiliate can get paid each time referred customer pays for service. New option allows to change the commission type and rate over time, so now you mix it up to create the plan best working for you and the affiliates, for example:

  • $10 after signup
  • 10% after 1 month
  • 5% after 3 month
  • $0 after 6months

Or any other you come up with!

That’s not it! The OpenSRS module now has a new client function that allows to set a IPS tag for a domain. The Inventory Manager has a smart search added and a new option to delete items in bulk. In AD/LDAP it’s now possible to set the login method per admin. We’ve also added a couple of other functionalities – you can look it up in the changelog!

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