New INWX module, central cart page and more!

Today’s release comes with a new domain registrar module, a new recurring payment method, a listing page for all order pages available and more!

INWX Domain Registrar module

INWX is a German ICANN accredited domain registrar with over 400,000 domains under management. The product range includes a portfolio of over 2000 different top-level domains (TLDs) as well as hosting and SSL certificates. New HostBill integration allows to automate INWXa domain provisioning and management.

It provides: automatic registration, transfer, renewal and synchronization, which allows your staff members to update HostBill domain records with registry details, for example to make sure that domain renewal/expiration dates are in sync. You can also automatically import existing domains from INWX registry to HostBill and import all available extensions & prices from registry with your price margins. With INWX module you can get premium domain prices on the registration page and register premium domain names. INWX registry API can also be used as a lookup engine for fast and accurate domain searches.

With this module, end customers can easily manage contact details related to domains they have registered with you, get the domain EPP code (which allows to transfer domain out) and change nameservers the domain is pointing to.

Stripe Source SEPA: recurring payments support

Stripe Source SEPA Direct Debit is one of multiple payment methods available for Stripe module for HostBill. Now it supports recurring payments! Recurring charges for this payment method are optional and it can be turned on in module configuration. You can also establish when the payment should be collected. As the module requires mandate reference data, it can be added to the client profile once the module is activated.

Cart homepage / order pages listing

What does your client see, when he enters the cart page in your HostBill? It can be the first available category, when no other has been displayed before. It can be the last visited category. Or it can be a summary of the order (for the multi-cart option), if the order has been previously configured. 

Now, we’re adding a page that will list all available categories (ie. order pages) in a nice, clean and attractive manner. The category tiles will list the category name, optionally description and the lowest price and a link/button leading to the category. In the Theme 2019 for each order page you can choose your icon from the available ones or add your own:

This can be easily set in Theme Editor (in Order pages section), so you can create a nicely looking cart page:

What else?

A bunch of other improvements are also added in today’s release! In admin area it’s now possible to download XML/UBL invoice for pro-forma / non-final invoices. Neustar domain registrar module now supports nameservers management. Realtime Register has a new option in app connection that allows to set a DNS template during a domain transfer. Google Currency Converter has more free and paid API endpoints for currency conversion. That’s not it! Full list of new features and bugs fixes can be found in our Changelog!

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