HostBill New Release

New release

With today’s HostBill release we’re happy to present a set of new options: new client portal notification, new functionality for Multi-Brand module, new feature for invoices and more!

Portal Notifications

In HostBill you can contact your clients via a support ticket, email, text message or client portal notifications, and  notify them automatically or manually about events important for them. Client area notifications are displayed in the client area dashboard and unlike emails, which we tend to get hundreds of daily, they are hard to miss. You can use them to notify your clients about important events, that may require the customer to take the action or when you want your customer to pay attention to a certain issue. New portal notification allows to inform your clients when a staff member adds a reply to a ticket!


Multi-Brand module for HostBill lets you create unlimited brands to sell your products or services on one HostBill backend. Each brand will use separate domain name, yet all of them are managed from single admin area. To help you manage your sales, you can assign order pages and product categories to brands and assign different support departments to each brand. New feature added to the module gives you the ability to set “Access order pages” by brand. This option lets you decide when clients can list and access order pages. You can choose to:

  • Allow to access and view portfolio for all visitors
  • Require login/signup before accessing order pages
  • Require login/signup before listing & accessing available order pages


In HostBill you can exempt from tax certain clients (in client profile automation settings) or companies (using VIES VAT EU plugin). New option for invoices (in Actions menu) enabled to remove Tax Exempt from the invoice.

Hexonet module

HEXONET is one of Europe’s leading leading developer and service provider of reseller technologies for the domain industry, including domain backordering. HostBill module allows you to automate HEXONET domain provisioning and management. You can use HEXONET integration with HostBill to resell domains: more than 150 TLDs (.com to .vg). HostBill domain management features allow to manage contacts, manage DNS, get EPP code, update and register nameservers and more. New functionality enables to set SRV records and TTL options.

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