Hetzner DNS module for HostBill

New Hetzner DNS module, update to DirectAdmin and Ticket Notifications and more!

We’re happy to present new Hetzner DNS module, which allow you to offer your clients DNS services, new Intsallatron client function for Direct Admin module, new Ticket notification options and more!

Hetzner DNS module

Hetzner Online is a professional web hosting provider and experienced data center operator. The company provides high-performance hosting products as well as the necessary infrastructure for the efficient operation of websites. We already have the Hetzner Cloud module, which allows to resell and automate Hetzner Cloud Virtual Machines and now we’re happy to introduce Hetzner DNS module!

With the new Hetzner module for HostBill you sell DNS services and charge your customers per DNS Zone or offer free DNS management as an addition to other services you sell. HostBill DNS features allow you to automatically import existing zones to HostBill, import/export DNS templates and manage predefined DNS Templates. HostBill automation takes care of the account lifecycle, from automatically creating the account, managing upgrades and downgrades (with automatically calculated pro-rata etc), to suspension and terminations, which can be performed upon pre-defined conditions. Clients can easily manage their DNS Records and Zones (create, clone DNS records; add, edit, delete DNS entries and more) in their client area. The availability of client functions depends fully on you – client functions can be enabled/disabled in the admin panel, which also gives you control over billing details, account lifecycle and allows to manually manage DNS Zones and records.

Get the module and start offering DNS services to your clients completely hassle free! You can also see the list of all DNS modules offered by HostBill here.

Ticket notifications

When using HostBill Ticketing System, our built-in notifications can notify your staff and/or your customers about new tickets or events in existing tickets, either via email or on their mobile devices. HostBill also enables notifications directly in your Slack channel or on your desktop. Notifications can be set for the whole Ticket Department. Now we’ve made it possible to enable/disable notifications about tickets per staff in a department! To turn on/off notifications for a staff member assigned to given department, simply click on the envelop icon next to the staff member name:

Ticket Department settings

Direct Admin: Installatron client function

HostBill provides a variety of client functions for modules, allowing you to decide what your client will have access to in their client area. New Installatron client function in Direct Admin module allows your clients to install, backup and manage various apps from HostBill client portal. Once this function is enabled, clients will be able to browse available apps divided into different categories and install, after a quick configuration, the chosen ones. The backup function is also available.

List of available applications
Installing the application
Application backup.

That’s not all for today! You can check the full list of new features and bug fixes in our Changelog!

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