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August Deal of the Month

As every month we have a special deal prepared for you this August! Get 15% off on all Support Plugins and improve your support & customer service!

15% off on Support Plugins

It’s no secret that revenue increases with good customer service. Happy customers lead to more money, growth, and sustainability. That’s why providing top-notch customer service is so vital to your company success. With HostBill you can achieve that with our Ticketing System and a variety of support plugins that offer additional features.

And this month you can get all of our Support plugins with 15% discount! All you need to do to claim your discount is to use code SUPPORT2020 during checkout! The offer is valid from 12th until 26th August.

What’s on sale?

Priority Support is the plugin that allows to sell priority support as recurring service in automated fashion. With this module you can offer your VIP clients the customer service they deserve. Once client purchases priority support service, HostBill will automatically assign client to Priority Support Client Group. Every ticket opened by Priority Client automatically gets high priority, allowing other HostBill functions (ticket macros) to react on this event.

Live Chat – a perfect marketing, communication and analytics tool for your website. The module provides real-time chat communication in web browser with your clients and website visitors turning them into clients and gives you real-time insights into website traffic showing how visitors use your website. Live Chat lets you engage website visitors to chat, assist with purchases, provide live support and as a result, eliminate abandoned shopping carts. To help you communicate more efficiently, you can create canned responses and create multiple chat departments. What’s more, unanswered messages automatically open support tickets.

Support Fields plugin is an addition to HostBill Ticketing System that enables to organize and manage tickets more efficiently and to reduce spam messages. Using Support Fields plugin you can create forms consisting of unlimited number of fields that your customer need to go through before submitting the ticket to gather information you need in a form that is best suitable for you.

End of Shift Report plugin will help you to monitor your staff performance and organize their work. The plugin enables employee to write report on closed/resolved tickets during their shift to inform their supervisor/colleagues about work done during the shift.

Support PIN module was created to simplify the process of providing phone support. To enable easy client verification during phone support, with Support PIN module you can let your customers to generate time-limited support PIN numbers in their client area. 

Support Time & Permormance Tracker module lets you measure and analyze your support staff performance as well as find and fix any bottlenecks in your daily support operations. The module helps you to organize your support tasks by creating different job types that the tickets can be assigned to. Every ticket has its own custom timetable and every second your staff spends working on support thread is logged.

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