Vitger integration for HostBill

Vtiger CRM auto-export module & sub-category feature for order pages

In this week’s release we’re happy to introduce new Vtiger CRM integration and new feature for order pages: the ability to create sub-categories!

Vtiger CRM auto-export module

Vtiger specializes in cloud based CRM and Help Desk software that helps businesses excel in customer engagement across marketing, sales and support. The HostBill module enables to automatically export client and client contacts details to Vtiger CRM software. The export can be done automatically or manually for selected clients only. The admin chooses which client information fields should be exported to Vtiger software.

Check the module’s details and pricing here.

Order pages: creating sub-categories

Enabling your customer to quickly find the products and services they are looking for is crucial, especially if you have a wide product portfolio. We’re making it easier for you now with the ability to divide product categories (ie. order pages) into sub-categories. This new feature will allow you to better organize your products and create a simple product hierarchy. This way you can for example categorize domains dividing them into subcategories such as: Popular, Business, Premium, New, gTLDs etc. or your cloud services organizing them geographically: USA, UK, Asia, Europe, Australia

The new feature allows to create one level of subcategories. Any main category (order page) may now either contain only products or may branch into subcategories. A subcategory can’t be further divided into another level of categories, it must contain products/services. This way we can create the following hierarchy: 

  • Main category (id=1,parent_id=0,contains=categories)
    • Subcategory (id=2,parent_id=1,contains=products)
    • Subcategory (id=3,parent_id=1,contains=products

Creating sub-categories is very easy and it can be done when adding or editing an order page. With a select box you can decide if the main category will contain products (by default) or subcategories. You can then choose the order page template. The sub-categories can be displayed in client area in a form of list or boxes. Clients can browse the content of the sub-category after clicking on it.

Admin area: configuring sub-categories
Client area: sub-categories view

You can read more about editing order pages and configuring products in HostBill documentation.

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