Domain Cart order page

New Domain Cart order page for 2019 Client Panel Theme

We’re happy to present new Domain Cart order page template for 2019 client panel theme!

Domain Cart order page

Domain Cart is a new, robust and flexible order page template with simple yet modern design matching the style of 2019 Client Panel Theme. Optimized for selling domain names it has a great variety of options and settings to manage your domain sales and all the tools needed to create an amazing user experience.

To satisfy any specific requirements, the Domain Cart order page supports both bulk domain search and bulk domain transfer. Order page can be configured to display featured domain extensions and pricing table for all extensions. In order page configuration you can easily set the number of visible domain rows after the search – more domains will be shown by clicking the “Load more” button. What’s more, the search results are displayed immediately in the moment of writing the phrase in the search bar.

To let your clients focus completely on the ordering process you can enable full screen mode and hide all the client area menus. When the client adds the domain to the cart, the order details and CTA will be displayed on the strip at the bottom of the page. Order page checkout features three main steps – domain configuration, client information and payment page.

This order page is not only fully customizable – you can easily change up your fonts, update colour palette ​to meet your brand guidelines​ and more, but it also is 100% translatable.

Watch the video overview:

Domain Cart Order Page is included in 2019 Client Panel Theme and free to everyone who already owns this theme.


  • Michal Ambroziak

    July 15, 2020

    Can you make Domain Prices table more advance?
    I would like to have a possibility to group domain extensions, search by name, sort by group and prices level like min-max, list only domains which are on sale, etc

  • Dominika Grzesik

    July 15, 2020

    Hi Michal, thanks for your feedback. We always welcome any suggestions from our clients. We’ll consider your requests and further developments to the Domain Cart order page template.

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