New ‘2019 Wizard’ order page

In this week’s release we’re happy to present a new wizard-style order page, Password History plugin update, new built-in Thank-you page, new feature to Order Agreements and more!

2019 Wizard order page

2019 Wizard order page template is a well-designed, responsive, fresh and modern design with minimalistic feel. The design that combines soft colors with beautiful typography and spacious graphics matches the style of 2019 Client Panel Theme. With this order page you can display your products in style and make it easy for your customers to browse, choose and purchase. Suitable for all kinds of products and services it provides multiple product configuration options and supports all form fields. The template supports unlimited products, where customers can slide through them – maximum 4 are displayed at the same time on the screen. Wizard-style checkout means that clients configure their orders step-by-step on separate screens, with checkout at the end. 

It’s easy to set up, innovative and affordable! With the 2019 Wizard order page template you can create a powerful online store that checks all your boxes and offers your customers the most seamless shopping experience!

2019 Wizard Order Page is included in 2019 Client Panel Theme and free to everyone who already owns this theme.

Orderpage supports unlimited products, max 4 are shown at the time, customer can slide through them
Product configuration, all form fields supported
Advanced domain search options, with results loaded for all extensions available one by one

Password History plugin update

With the upcoming World Password Day we take a closer look at our password and security habits. In fact, in the spirit of promoting better security habits our May Deal of The Month includes 15% discount on all Security and Verification plugins (read more here). But that’s not all! We’ve just updated our Password History module!

Password History is a free HostBill plugin that prevents your customers from using n-number of their last password again. The plugin stores the last customer password hash in database with each change made to it. Additionally, plugin can enforce customer password change every N-days. Now we’ve added the support for admin area as well, which means that with the plugin you can now enforce regular admin password change after specified number of days!

Built-in thank you page

In the last step of your customers journey on your website it’s important to add a Thank-you page, which might be extremely important for the success of building and maintaining client relationships.

In HostBill (Settings -> Billing -> Misc) you can define an URL where the customer will be automatically redirected after completing the payment. The URL ends with the invoice number. We’ve now added a built-in URL address which can be used here. The content of the Thank-you page can be customized and contain variables such as invoice information (total value, currency, ID, status etc), payment and order details.

Order Agreements

We have recently introduced a new feature – Order Agreements, that enables to add various contracts and agreements to specific products and services. We’ve now added a new client function for client to review contract in related service once it’s accepted.

Client area: contract review in service details

For the full list of new features and bug fixes this week please refer to our changelog.

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