New feature: Order Agreements

New feature in HostBill allows to add various contracts and agreements to specific products and services!

Purchasing a certain product or service may require the client to accept some specific terms. Until now, HostBill enabled to add one or multiple agreements concerning ordering in general (for example general Terms of Service etc). From now on however you can specify and create multiple contracts, assigned to different products and services from your portfolio.

Order contracts

Product-specific contracts as well as general agreements can be created and edited in Agreements & Contracts section in Ordering Settings.

Agreements & Contracts section in HostBill

To add new general agreement you just need to enter the name of the agreement and provide URL to the terms.

When it comes to ordering contracts, when adding a new one you need to provide its name and optionally a short description, which is only available for admins. Then you can edit the template for the agreement – this works like generating any other document in HostBill, so you can choose template editor, use available variables etc. You can also add attachments to the contract – attachments are loaded from available general-purpose files added in Extras → Downloads.

Once the contract is created you can assign it to a specific product in product configuration, in “Other Settings” tab:

Other Settings in product configuration

One more thing to do is to configure order scenarios to include “Accept contract” step. Order scenarios in HostBill (the section is available in General Settings → Ordering) allow you to control which steps must be taken after client submits new order. 

Order scenarios

Once this step is added to your order scenario, the client will need to accept the contract before submitting the order. The contract can also be accepted by client contacts with relevant permissions (to make new orders and accept contracts).

Client area – signing contract before the purchase

To find out more about Agreements and Contracts you can refer to our documentation.

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