New IPQualityScore fraud protection module

New integration with IPQaulityScore service will help you proactively detect and prevent fraud!

IPQualityScore module

Identifying high risk users and transactions is very important to keep your company safe from fraud. With HostBill you can build a secure environment for processing your transactions using our built-in fraud protection features or one of integrated third party extensions or combine both for even better protection against fraud. This week we’re happy to present newest addition to the range of our fraud protection modules: IPQualityScore integration.

IPQualityScore offers fraud protection tools that provide a real-time fraud scoring and over 25 risk analysis data points to analyze how likely a user or visitor is to engage in fraudulent behavior. IPQualityScore allows to prevent bots, fake accounts, fraudsters, suspicious transactions and malicious users without interrupting the user experience. Use IPQualityScore module for HostBill to verify your orders against service and automatically reject  orders falling under defined IPQualityScore rules. Filter abusive users and fraudulent transactions in real-time before they can negatively impact your business!

Joker money balance widget domain registrar module has been equipped with a new money balance widget which allows to show current balance across multiple Joker accounts on HostBill admin dashboard! Similar widget is also available for Ficora module.

To activate the widget go to the Home tab, click the Add new widget button in the upper left corner, select the Joker Money Balance widget and press the Activate button. The widget updates the balance every hour, if you want to force the update you can press the Refresh button.


Full changelog from this week’s release is available here.

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