Domain and DNS settings

New Domain & DNS Settings

In this week’s release we’re excited to present a new section in admin panel for managing domain settings, with completely new powerful features!

HostBill is the ultimate domain management and automation software, providing all the essential tools to run a successful domain business. New addition to domain management in HostBill is the Domain & DNS section in HostBill General settings, that ensures a user-friendly environment for managing various settings related to your domain names.

Lookup settings

Until now HostBill was using built-in search engine based on WHOIS protocol for domains searching. From now on you can set the lookup engine offered by registrar modules to selected or all TLDs. This way you can search for domains directly through the registrar API, which allows to perform the search faster and to search for a number of domains at once.

Lookup settings

Premium domain names

As of today we’ve added the support for premium domain names – which is optional (you can toggle it in settings). For selected domain registrars HostBill will now be able to get the price directly from the registry and add a selected margin. Premium domain names are currently supported by modules:

  • RRPProxy
  • Realtime Register
  • OpenProvider
  • Enom
  • OpenSRS
  • ResellerClub
  • ResellerID
  • NetearthOne
Premium domain names search preview – client area

Domain suggestions

Domain suggestion is a very handy tool that will check for availability and provide clients with smart domain suggestions based on their initial search. Domain suggestions are based on domain registrars API. In domain suggestion settings you can choose the suggestion engine that will offer other similar domain names available to register.

Domain name suggestion tool

Synchronization settings

This new section allows to control automatic domain synchronization. You can not only choose which domains to synchronize (active, pending registration, expiring etc) and for which registrar modules but also decide when and how often to perform synchronization!

Synchronization settings.

You can find out more about these new functionalities in HostBill documentation and stay tuned for future blog posts where we’ll further explain in details for domain management functions in HostBill.

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