R1Soft licenses module for HostBill

New R1Soft Licenses module

This week in HostBill we’re launching new integration that will allow you to resell R1Soft Licenses!

R1Soft Licenses module

R1Soft is a commercial backup software for Web hosting providers. R1Soft provides fast, scalable and affordable server backup software for both Windows and Linux platforms in private and public clouds.

With this HostBill integration you can resell R1Soft licenses and let HostBill automatically handle billing, invoicing and license management. HostBill will not only create/terminate license but also manage upgrades or downgrades, all without staff intervention. HostBill admin panel will give you access to client billing information and license details. You also will be able to effortlessly import existing licenses into HostBill. Clients on the other hand can view the license and account details in client panel.

Why sell R1Soft licenses? It is a perfect way to expand your product offerings and with HostBill automation, you can do it completely hassle-free!

ACL / Permissions

In HostBill, we provide a range of different permissions that can be configured per staff member, team or department. Permissions cover different areas: billing, support, system configuration, security, notifications, products & services and other. This week we’ve added two new permissions: “View Knowledgebase” and “View other staff online” to allow access to “staff online” info. Additionally, viewing knowledgebase statistics now require “View Statistics” ACL. We’ve also made a few other changes in ACLs. From now on only admins with “Edit Configuration” ACL can erase logs, restart queue jobs, see phpinfo/system information widget and see license information. Accessing queue list/task details will now require¬†active “View Logs” ACL.

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