HostBill 2020 Editions

HostBill 2020 licenses

We’re happy to present new HostBill 2020 licenses! As 2019 brought many changes to HostBill software, especially a number of new integrations, we’re now presenting new HostBill editions. 

With HostBill, you can choose one of our four plans: Startup, Enterprise, Data Center and All Inclusive, that differ by the number and type of integrations included. The pricing of all licenses remains the same as last year, but we’re happy to announce we’re adding some new modules to each edition! HostBill 2020 licenses by default include new payment gateways, domain registrars and free plugins added to HostBill in 2019. Additionally, when buying HostBill Startup, Enterprise or Data Center Edition you can now choose one of 12 currently available SSL modules to add to your license!

HostBill Startup Edition

Startup Edition is perfect for small and new businesses. With this license for just $599 one time fee you get core HostBill features (automated billing and invoicing, hosting and domain automation, client management and support system), 10 support cases, 9 hosting integrations, +100 payment gateways, 46 domain registrars, +40 plugins, 2 client portal and 2 order pages.

HostBill Enterprise Edition

HostBill Enterprise Edition is an all-embracing solution to cater for the needs of businesses with diversified product and services portfolio. It’s perfect for cloud hosting, VPS and managed service providers, telcos and ISPs and more. Apart from modules included in Startup Edition, Enterprise license also contains Proxmox, OnApp, Openstack, Cloudstack, PowerDNS, SolusVM and vSphere as well as IP Address Manager. From now on HostBill Enterprise Edition also includes Virtualizor module. With this license you also get 15 support tickets.

HostBill Data Center Edition

HostBill Data Center Edition is aimed at Data Center industry, as it includes a range of modules designed specifically for data centres to improve the efficiency in managing the infrastructure. This license includes IP Address Manager, Inventory Manager and Colocation Manager – extremely rich-featured plugins for complex Datacenter management, as well as integrations with DCI Manager (a DCIM and dedicated server provisioning software), monitoring modules: Observium and Cacti to measure and bill for bandwidth usage, Ahsay Backup, R1 Softand and freeRadius modules. New addition to Data Center Edition is Acronis Bass module. Data Center Edition includes 20 support tickets.

HostBill All Inclusive

The most powerful All Inclusive license includes all available HostBill integrations: hosting modules, plugins, domain registrars, payment gateways and templates, making it the best value for money. Compared to 2019, All Inclusive 2020 contains 18 new provisioning modules, with total value  $1584 when purchased separately, 12 new premium domain registrar modules worth $1188 and 3 premium plugins worth $297. All Inclusive license comes with additional license for testing and 100 support tickets!

All HostBill licenses are white label and lifetime valid! Choose your license and buy it here.

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