Metered billing support for Plesk, cPanel and Direct Admin modules

This week we’ve added metered billing support for three of our modules: Plesk, cPanel and Direct Admin.

Metered Billing

Metered billing is one of multiple advanced billing modules available in HostBill and now we’re expanding metered billing support for other modules. Metered billing allows businesses to accurately charge their customers based on how much resources they use. HostBill tracks various resource usage level and automatically calculates the price for the resource consumption. Metered billing model has many advantages over other pricing models as it allows for a higher degree of agility and flexibility in resource use. What’s more, in HostBill metered billing can be used for both: pre-paid and post-paid billing type.

In HostBill, metered billing can be easily configured in product configuration – under General tab simply select Metered under Price options and configure your metered billing package.

cPanel module

In the cPanel module you can use metered billing to measure and bill for: Badwidth, Disk usage, Emails, Mailing Lists, Addon domains, Subdomains, Parked domains, FTP acconts and Databases.

Plesk module

Plesk module allows to use metered billing to bill for: Traffic, Subdomains, Emails, Redirects, Mail groups, Autoresponders, Mailing lists, Databases, Domains and Sites.

Direct Admin module

Direct Admin module has the support for metered billing for following resource usage: Badwidth, Disk usage, Domain Pointers, FTP Accounts, Databases, Email Forwarders. Mailing Lists, Autoresponders, Subdomains, and Domains. 

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