Resell Microsoft cloud products using intY Cascade platform!

This week in HostBill we’re presenting new integration with intY Cascade that allows to resell Microsoft Cloud Products!

intY Cascade module for HostBill

intY is a company specializing in the distribution of cloud services from the biggest cloud software vendors in the world, including Microsoft, Acronis and Symantec. CASCADE, intY’s, self-service portal and the original cloud marketplace, enables partners to order and manage cloud services for their customers.

HostBill Inty module allows to resell Microsoft cloud products using intY Cascade platform.Thanks to HostBill integration you can automatically import product portfolio from intY Cascade with price overrides and existing accounts and licenses. Products are managed by HostBill automatically: created, terminated. HostBill also automatically handles and calculates upgrades and downgrades.

Client can display license details in client area: tenant domain, reference, login and password as well as the link to Microsoft login page. Admin area grants access to controlling account lifecycle, managing billing information, displaying subscription details and more.

You can find out more about the module here.

New features

This week we’re also introducing a couple of new features:

Knowledgebase. In HostBill, Knowledgebase articles can be divided into categories and each category can also have sub-categories. We’ve now added the possibility to restrict access to entire category only for registered customers.

Automation. Custom automation tasks is one of the most powerful HostBill features that helps to adapt automation options to your needs and to each product/service/account individually. New feature allows to create custom automation task that executes N-days after issued & still unpaid order.

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