Customer Rewards plugin update

Customer Rewards plugin has just receive an update! Reward your customers for taking various actions and keep them loyal to your brand!

Customer Reward plugin

The Customer Rewards plugin was designed to help you build your customer loyalty. Thanks to this plugin you can reward your customers for taking certain actions by adding points to their accounts, which can be later ‘exchanged’ for a reward. A reward can be either a discount code, credit added to customer account or promotion to other client group.

We’ve now expanded number of events/action that the customer can get points for. Now the rewards can be added to clients account when:

  • client closed ticket by himself
  • client submitted cancelation request
  • client was referred by an affiliate
  • affiliate referred new client 
  • client filled all fields (required + optional) in their profile
  • client verified the email (through external plugin)
  • client verified the phone number (through external plugin)

As per our recent feature allowing customers to rate tickets and ticket replies, now you can also reward customers when:

  • client rated admin reply
  • client rated support ticket
  • client reported support reply
  • client reported support ticket

Why reward customers?

Rewarding customers is one of the most effective tactics for increasing revenue and inspiring customer loyalty. It’s no secret that it’s much more expensive to acquire new customer than retain the existing one. Existing customers also tend to spend more that new customers. That’s why you need to give your customers a reason to stay loyal to your brand and keep them happy. Rewarding customers for taking certain actions is a perfect way to execute customer loyalty program. Get the plugin from HostBill marketplace and start building strong and positive relationships with your customers!


  • Garetet

    August 20, 2019

    This module only admin can see the point . But client not able to see the point, seems no use.

  • Dominika Grzesik

    August 30, 2019

    Client gets notifications about the points. Thanks for the suggestion – we will be soon adding the functionality for the client to see the points.

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