Multiple languages options in HostBill

As HostBill is a solution that caters for the needs of service providers all over the world, we have made sure to provide support for various languages. Thanks to multiple languages options both your clients and your staff can use HostBill in their native language.

HostBill language pack

Our admin area is fully translated to 7 different languages. Apart from English, you can use German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese and Arabic translation. For client area, we have over 15 different languages that you can install to enable your clients browsing your client portal in their native language instead of providing them with inaccurate and imprecise Google Translate. Languages available to download for you client area include: Arabic, Chinese, Danish, Dutch, English, Farsi, French, German, Indonesian, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish and Turkish.¬†What’s most important, in HostBill you can also create your own language packs or edit the translations that are already available to adjust them to your specific needs!

Language management

HostBill comes with easy to work with GUI for language management. In your admin panel you can easily enable or disable languages, export your custom languages or add new ones. If you don’t find standard translation good enough, want to change or add new translations for your custom templates, you can easily adjust it in HostBill language settings. Our Language Editor lets you easily customize and update the translation to better suit you and your clients.

You can find detailed information about language options in HostBill in HostBill documentation.


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