HostBill summer sale

Summer sale!

It’s time to start our summer sale with some heavy discounts on a range of products!

Freshen up the look of your website

While the summer is in full swing and you may want to take a little break off work, don’t let you brand loose its visibility in the summer heat. In fact, summer is a perfect time to try new looks… of your website! Giving your website a facelift: fresh new look and relevant and engaging content may give your business a boost. A well-built website will generate better customer traffic and an improved user interface will increase conversion – generating more sales!

With HostBill’s order pages you can make your website more visually appealing and with the heavy discounts we currently offer – save some money. The order pages are easily customizable which means you can effortlessly adjust them to fit your brand style.  You can try testing different types of order pages for different products or find the one that best suits your needs.

What’s on sale?

SidePad client portal –  if you’re looking for something minimalistic, sleek and elegant – SidePad client area theme is for you.  This uncluttered design prove that less can be more. It’s clean, it’s simple, it’s efficient – it helps your customers focus on your business. Interested? Now you can have SidePad theme 50% offbuy now!



A number of order pages up to 50% off:

Cloud Slider – simple, one-step checkout order page with interesting design – the packages are selected by moving slider and each package is represented by cloud. Perfect for your cloud hosting business!



Rotate Boxes Hostbill Order page

Rotate Boxesnicely animated order page designed to work with multiple packages with the packages presented as rotating 3D boxes will give your website a modern look and feel. All the sections are editable from your admin area – no HTML skills required.



Triple Box HostBill Order pageTriple Box – clear and elegant, one-step checkout theme with flat UI elements and blue accents, designed with great care and attention to detail, which definitely won’t go unnoticed by your clients.



Scrolled List HostBill order page

Scrolled List  this template was designed to work with as many packages as you want, where the packages are displayed in form of scrollable list. Wizard-style checkout means your clients configure their order step-by-step on separate screens, with checkout at the end.



Table Boxes HostBill order page

Table Boxes is an elegant template with nice hover effects when changing between plans, designed to work with few packages




and much more! Browse all discounted order pages and choose the one for you!


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