Plesk Service Plan Sync Tool

We’re happy to introduce new tool for the Plesk module: Plesk Service Plan Sync. This extension, shipped with Plesk module, will help you manage your service plans and addons changes across unlimited Plesk installations with ease.

This extension is a real problem-solver especially for hosting companies that use more than one Plesk installation. Our customers were looking for an automated tool to keep multiple service plans and addons in sync between different installations and HostBill has decided to step in and help solve this problem.

How does it work

This new tool allows you  to create multiple configurations (ie if you have separate Windows/Linux Plesk installations or have different installations for different purposes) that consist of Plesk servers. In each configuration you select source server, that will serve as a source of actual plans & addons configuration. Other Plesk servers within configuration will have plans updated, and missing plans created according to the source plan with a single click of a button.

The Plesk Service Plan Sync tool will track what plans/addons/plan settings are missing or different compared to the source server and show those differences. You can then run a synchronization process and as a result all plans & addons missing will be added to target server and plans & addons with matching names but conflicting configurations will have their configurations updated to match those in source Plesk.

Moreover, if you’re syncing Plesk with minor configuration/version/extensions differences you can setup overrides that will be prevented from overwritting when creating/updating plans & addons on this server, as well as when comparing it with target server.

Sample use cases

Plesk Service Plan Sync Tool can be of use to you if you want to update your plans in bulk, add new plan to all your installations or add new Plesk installation.

Bulk updating plans.

Imagine you sell Plesk hosting products to your customers in HostBill. You connect product in HostBill to all your Plesk installations and make sure that service plan names are shared across all installations. Now you’d like to offer more disk space within this plan. Previously you would need to login to every single one of your Plesk installation, go to service plans, increase disk space and save changes.

With Plesk Service Plan Sync tool it’s a matter of one click.

Adding new plan.

If you’d like to create new product, you create new service plan in Plesk. But if you want to have this plan on all your installations – normally you would need to login to each install you have and re-create plan over and over again.

With Plesk Service Plan Sync you create new service plan on one (main) Plesk install and just hit Sync button.

Adding new Plesk node/installation.

What if you’d like to add new location/installation to your Plesk fleet? To make it useful for your automation you would need to create all service plans you offer on this install – it’s easy to make a mistake.

With Plesk Service Plan Sync you add your new installation to configuration and just hit Sync button.


This extension is included for free in HostBill Plesk module. For detailed information on how to configure the tool please refer to the related documentation.

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