Abuse.io module

New release: Abuse.io module, fixed upgrade fee

HostBill’s new release comes with the new module: Abuse.io integration and new options for upgrades/downgrades.

Abuse.io module

Abuse.io is a toolkit to receive, process, correlate abuse reports and send notifications with specific information regarding the abuse case(s) on your network.

Abuse.io module for HostBill displays all open customer tickets from Abuse.io in HostBill client area.  Additionally, a button with the number of open tickets appears in the page header. HostBill also enables single sign-on ticket links from HostBill to Abuse.io.

Thanks to this module you can also send notifications about new Abuse.io tickets using email generated automatically by HostBill. The email notifications are sent when a new ticket appears or when the ticket changes the status from resolved to open, using one of the two email templates (AbuseIO:NewTicket or AbuseIO:ChangeStatus), which can be easily modified and customized according to your preferences.

Listing of open abuse.io tickets in HostBill client portal
Widget in HostBill client menu – total count of unhandled abuse.io cases

You can read more about the module here.

Forms: Fixed upgrade fee

Until now, when the client wanted to upgrade or downgrade a component, HostBill charged pro-rated fee. Sometimes however, the change requires the admin to take a certain action, hence it may be necessary to charge the client additional fee. Now we’ve enabled you to apply additional fixed upgrade/downgrade fee that will appear when the client chooses the related checkbox.

The fee can be set in Forms Advanced Settings.

The upgrades/downgrades are now also allowed in checkboxes form fields.

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