Plesk Key Administrator

Plesk Key Administrator module for HostBill

We’re happy to introduce new module: Plesk Key Administrator for HostBill, which will give you the opportunity to efficiently resell Plesk Software licenses (such as Plesk, Virtuozzo and more) and add-ons.

With HostBill Plesk Key Administrator module  the licenses are created, provisioned and terminated automatically, making the reselling process completely hassle-free! You will also have the opportunity to set automatic renewal that will significantly improve the license management process.

Your clients will be able to display the license details and change license IP in our user-friendly client area. The admin panel on the other hand will give you full control over the billing information and account lifecycle. You will also be able to choose which client area functions you customers will have access to.

Use the Plesk Key Administrator module to expand your business offerings and increase your revenue with minimal effort!

You can find out more about module’s features and pricing here.

Ordering Plesk license with multi options for addons and features.
Plesk Key Administrator licenses details.
Plesk Key Administrator update IP address.

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