Affiliate program

How to run affiliate program in your company

Affiliate programs have major impact on sales in online businesses. Introducing affiliate program in your company can help you not only to increase your sales but also gain more traffic and improve search engine rankings. Lucky for you, HostBill comes with built-in, feature-rich affiliate solution that is seamlessly integrated with HostBill billing features.

How does affiliate program work?

Let’s start with the basics. What is an affiliate program? Affiliate program is an arrangement where an online merchant website (that would be you) pays affiliate websites a commission to send them traffic. These affiliate Websites post links to the merchant site and are paid according to a particular agreement, usually a commission for any sale that came from that link. Simply put your affiliates promote your products and services and you pay them for their efforts only if they result in sale.  All you need to do to introduce affiliate program in your company is to create  a special hyperlink for each of your affiliates to post on their website and let them do the job for you.

Affiliate Commission Plans

Products and services you sell usually come with a different margin. That means your commission rates need to be flexible, so you don’t lose any money.  With HostBill you can create unlimited commission plans: the commission rates can be set depending on the product price or service billing cycle. Commission rates can be set as a fixed price or a percentage. You can also offer your affiliates recurring commissions for recurring customer, so you can affiliate can get paid each time referred customer pays for service. We also give you the opportunity to delay each commission for approval, to reduce money lost from  fraudulent orders. Additionally, money earned by affiliate can be used as store-credit with your HostBill.

Affiliate Vouchers

With Affiliate Vouchers you can add another weapon to your marketing artillery. Thank to this feature your affiliate will be able to generate coupon codes that will apply discounts to referred sign-ups. The discount will come from your affiliate commission – it’s up to your affiliate to decide how much money they want to earn from each referred customer. You get new customer, affiliate gets the commission, and end customer is happy from discount received – it’s a win-win-win situation!

Program Automation

If you think that affiliate program will only consume your time and energy – think again! HostBill automates the whole process making the affiliate program completely hassle-free part of your business. HostBill will automatically track each sale that came from your affiliate and calculate the commission based on predefined rates. With monthly automated reports your affiliates are up-to-date with their earnings.

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