New Domain Orderpage

We’re thrilled to announce new standard Domain Orderpage for HostBill (included for free in all versions).

In last week’s release, we’ve introduced Product Tags feature, allowing you to specify & manage tags for your products (including TLDs) in bulk. Today we’re happy to announce first orderpage that make use of this nifty little feature.

Our brand new Domain Orderpage allows your clients to:

  • Search for multiple domains at once
  • See results of their search as they type
  • Register  & search for multiple domains from same orderpage
  • Register & transfer domains at the same time
  • Easily see Featured TLDs prices
  • See WHOIS entry of taken domain names
  • Check availability of less-popular domain extensions by just scrolling page down
  • Check domain prices in domain pricing table

Combine all that with great design and enjoy better conversions! Check out video below to see it in action.

Looking for more exciting news about this orderpage? Well, if you’re using our Design 11 theme this orderpage is responsive under it.

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