SolusVM v2

Our SolusVM integration just got better – with overage/bandwidth billing and new client features!

We’re happy to announce the launch of SolusVM v2 module with brand new features:

  • Support for metered billing, with option to charge for bandwidth usage/overages
  • Suspend on bandwidth overuse if client does not have sufficient credit
  • Issue invoice on bandwidth overuse
  • Enable TUN/TAP And PAE
  • Mount/Unmount ISO
  • Enable/disable PXE option on VM.
  • Access SolusVM control panel with one click.
  • Change VM boot order.
  • Manage TUN/TAP options
  • NoVNC Console Support
  • Option to change Console Password

Learn more about SolusVM integration at:

Order SolusVM v2 module for HostBill at:

Check SolusVM module documentation at:

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