HostBill Multi-Brand

Create unlimited brands on one HostBill install! Use different client portals, products, settings, gateways etc. per each brand.

This is one of the most anticipated modules we’ve ever built for HostBill – MultiBrand! Now with just one HostBill installation (backend) you can create and manage unlimited brands, all under separate domain names. This module allows you to setup separate configuration per each brand, separate payment gateway configs, show/hide certain product categories under brands.

Feature list:

  • Create unlimited brands on one HostBill backend
  • Each brand can have separate domain name
  • All brands are managed from single admin-area
  • Assign orderpages / product categories to brand
  • Assign support departments to brand
  • Override default (main brand) configuration
  • Select invoice template per brand
  • Select default client area language per brand
  • Distinguish new brand emails in custom HTML wrapper
  • Auto-assign customers from additional brands to client groups
  • Choose client-area template per brand
  • Choose payment gateways per brand, override gateway configuration per brand

Learn more about this amazing module at:

or read trough documentation at:

Module FAQ

Q: Do I need separate HostBill licenses to run additional brands?
A: No. You only need one license per backend (admin area). You can run multiple front-ends (client portals) using this plugin.

Q: Can I assign staff members to certain brands only?
A: No. This is one of a few limitations of this module. Your staff members will have access to all your customers/brands.
If you wish to limit access consider purchasing additional HostBill license and have separate HostBill backends for this purpose.

Q: Can I have separate backends for each brand?
A: No. HostBill Backend (admin-area) can work only under one domain name.

Q: Can one customer register under different brands using one email address?
A: Yes! With latest update of HostBill-MultiBrand module it is possible

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