HostBill 3.9.9 Release

We’re not slowing down! HostBill 3.9.9 has just been released.

What’s new?
Google Analytics + Ecommerce tracking module
HostBill has always been the core ingredient in from 0 to working hosting company in under 1hour – now it’s even faster. Using our Google Analytics module you don’t need to worry about file edits, smarty syntax etc to place your tracking code – just enable Google Analytics plugin.
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BCrypt for Admin & Client passwords
HostBill now creates password using BCrypt. For non-geek readers: BCrypt is hashing algorithm based on Blowfish. How’s that different from older (considered as broken) hashing mechanisms? BCrypt keeps up with Moore Law which in short words means that even in the future with faster machines it will take roughly the same amount of time (in years) to crack single password.
Q: Would my/client’s old password work?
A: Sure, once you will login after upgrade HostBill will automatically rehash your password with the new method.

Full changelog available at:

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