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End Of Shift Report Form

Back Story

When someone finish shift every manager should know what have been done during shift. This addon enables employee to write report with closed/resolvedĀ  tickets during his/her shift. Usage of this addon is not only for support staff. You can make usage of it for:

Support Department

Sales Department


Where to unzip and setup?

How to manage recipients:

Price:$99.95 / One time fee Order now
Download: After order proceed to “Downloads->Plugins” in HostBill Licenses clientarea to obtain your copy
Step 1: Unzip downloaded package contents, upload them directly to your HostBill main folder on your server.
Step 2: Login to adminarea to activate & manage your plugin: Watch howto video

HostBill and European Union invoicing

Running a registered business in EU? You probably have some strict invoicing rules to follow – take VAT and its exceptions, or sequential invoice numeration for example. Lets take a quick tour to see how those can be handled with HostBill:

Tax(VAT) Exceptions

If you’re selling goods or services to company with registered VAT EU number you should not charge tax (A reverse charge). With HostBill you can turn on tax exceptions for such customers – and most importantly – HostBill can do it automatically for you!

Watch how easy is to configure HostBill to do so:


Sequential Invoice Numeration and Pro-Forma invoices

In most EU countries paid invoices are required to have consistent, sequential numeration, unpaid invoices can be treated as Pro-Forma invoices. You don’t need to edit any files in HostBill to fulfill those rules, or have second accounting software for invoices. With two mouse-clicks you can turn on Pro-Forma invoicing and sequential paid invoices numeration – its that simple!

See mentioned two clicks configuration: