ispmanager Licenses module for HostBill

Resell ispmanager Licenses with the new HostBill integration!

Apparently it’s a Blue Monday today but we hope that today’s release will improve your mood! We’re happy to introduce a new provisioning module: ispmanager License Reseller!

ispmanager Licenses module

ispmanager is a Linux-based control panel for managing dedicated and game and VPS web servers, as well as selling shared hosting. We already have the ispmanager integration which enables to sell and automatically provision Shared Hosting services. And now we’re introducing a new ispmanager Licenses module, which allows to resell ispmanager Licenses and automate the whole process. Starting from configuring products using HostBill advanced features and versatile order pages and sales management tools, through billing, invoicing, payment collection to managing the service. All service management operations are automated: license creation, suspension, termination, auto-renewal, upgrades and downgrades, all based on pre-set automation rules. Admin panel enables to manage billing details, account lifecycle and client area functions access & appearance, while clients can access license details and key in the client area. 

As once you configure the module and setup your products, pretty much everything happens automatically with HostBill, selling ispmanager licenses is a great business opportunity. The module is included in our All-Inclusive license, but you can easily add it to your HostBill!

In today’s release notes you will also find some changes and new features in other modules (DCIManager6,, Matomo eCommerce) – check the Changelog for more!

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